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Our Policies

Consultation Visit

The purpose for this visit is to meet you and your pets, learn your pets routine and to go over the necessary paperwork. We will have already asked you to complete the client and pet profiles in our scheduling software before we arrive. During this time, we will review the contract, policies, and answer any questions you may have. A lockbox will be provided for you to purchase at the cost of $18.00 to place where you choose. A copy of your housekey will be permantely left inside for our access when hired to care for your pets. Payment for upcoming services, plus cost of lockbox is expected at the time of consultation.  The Consultation is complimentary only if services are contracted. If services are not contracted there is a $22.00 charge at the time of the consultation. If a second consultation is requested for any reason after the initial one,  we will be happy to come by for a full visit charge.


First time clients must make full payment during the time of the consultation visit. Established clients will be expected to leave payment in full for the sitter to pick up when they make the initial visit to your home to care for your pet. Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card. If you prefer to pay by credit card we will process your card 48 hours before you leave. In order to process your credit card, we will keep your credit card information on file. You'll receive an e-mail once the credit card has been processed.


Reservations are made to plan for sitter availability for client's reservation dates. Therefore, Clients returning home early or departing later than the reservation will be required to pay in full for the reservation amount. PSOC will however credit your account for future pet sits.  If you find you are returning early, please notify us immediantly so we can adjust our schedule for the sitters. 

Minimum Visit

All dogs will be visited no less than every 24 hours if outdoor pets. All dogs kept inside no less than every 12 hours, although we do recommend  three visits a day. All cats will be visited no less than once every 24 hours. No exceptions will be made. This is for the health of your pet.

Reserve Visits

New Clients can visit our Schedule Services page, complete the client profile, pet profile, and enter appointment request into the  scheduler or give us a call at 423-902-8228. Existing clients please visit our Scheduled Services page.